The Trews: The Wanderer

A rocking and riffing new track was released by rock ‘n’ roll heavyweights The Trews. Their new track ‘The Wanderer’ is a blazing and electrifying rock track that evokes the feeling of setting out on your own and embracing exploration and discovery.

It is the combination of a slow but steady intro, strong vocals, and switches between soft and rock hard (yes, we did that). A strong soundscape and vocals with an edge bring another layer of depth to this powerful new release. ‘The Wanderer’ is filthy and dripping with sweat, a song we would love to experience in a live setting, so we can finally give those acrobatic dance steps a try! It’s sonic and fierce and the predecessor of the bands’ upcoming album, of which ‘The Wanderer’ is the lead single. We’re looking forward to the seventh studio album!

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