Harem Scarem: THIRTEEN

Harem Scarem - Thirteen

Canadian melodic rockers Harem Scarem seem to be having the times of their lives – judging by the vigour of their latest release that is. “Thirteen” is busting with natural melodic rock flavours, trading hooks and harmonies, while maintaining what is becoming sort of a purple patch of impressive form from the band.

Certainly anyone who comes expecting a naughty quickie is likely to walk away with something more coherent. First of all her are the tunes, imbued with infectious energy and glossed with comforting warmth carried by Harrry Hess, his voice full of personality and charm. But it’s the strength and agility of the material that makes sparks fly. “The Midnight Hours” and “Never Say Never” run on dreamy chord changes, pulled of with obvious wit and enthusiasm, and also anthem like choruses are in good supply. It all makes for a glorious heart swelling experience, particularly when one stumbles upon “All I Need”, a neatly executed number cued next in line for leaving a long lasting impression.

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